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Your First Woodwind Instrument

Your first starter instrument…


So! You have just decided that you would like to begin learning your first musical instrument but have no idea where to start looking for your perfect starter instrument, how much to spend or what model to go with…

Here, our woodwind specialist Helen shares her top tips in shopping for your first flute, clarinet or saxophone.


Your first instrument does not need to break the bank. You need something that works, is light and is affordable.

Helen recommends the following (all prices are approximate):


Trevor James TJ10X MK IV (£400)


Buffet B12 (£400)



Trevor James Classic Horn (£600)


Where do I buy them?

These instruments can be bought from any local music shop. Liverpool is filled with fantastic music stores such as Curly Woodwind, Dawsons, and Rimmers.  There is also High Notes and Harmonics in Crosby and Waterloo respectively.  You can also buy your instruments online from Ebay, Amazon or Gumtree but I would recommend trying these instruments out before you commit to buy!


I can’t afford the price of the instrument I would like. What should I do?

Most instrumental stores offer a rental system which allows the customer to pay a monthly fee and use the instrument on a monthly basis. These can range from £20 – £30 which is so much more affordable than splashing out hundreds of pounds to realise too late that you don’t enjoy playing the instrument!
In some instances, there is also a ‘rent to buy’ system in which you can rent for 6 – 12 months and if you really love the instrument and enjoy playing, you can settle the remainder price of the instrument and buy it as your own.


Next steps

Once you have decided on your chosen instrument and have booked in for a lesson, you can then explore with your teacher different music you would like to begin learning!

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