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Your First Woodwind Instrument

Your first starter instrument…   So! You have just decided that you would like to begin learning your first musical instrument but have no idea where to start looking for your perfect starter instrument, how much to spend or what model to go with… Here, our woodwind specialist Helen shares her top tips

Helping your Child learn at Home.

So your child has decided he/she wants to take up an instrument.  Awesome! Like most parents you want to see your child do well and develop new skills. But what happens if you aren't "musical" yourself? Our teachers here often have had parents approach them, concerned that they would be unable

Guitar for Beginners – Liverpool

This image shows an acoustic guitar being played - check out Guitar Lessons with Prelude School of Music.The guitar is a versatile, affordable and fun instrument for beginners – including children and adults alike. Within a few weeks of starting to play the guitar, you could be playing along to simple versions of your favourite songs – and very quickly after that you could be playing in a band with friends, and making your own music.

If you’ve already bought, or want to buy, a guitar, you’ll know that there are loads of different types and options out there. These include electric, steel-strung acoustic, semi-acoustic, nylon-strung classical, 7-string, 12-string, and bass guitar – and that’s without going into the many different manufacturers and models that are stocked by music shops. Quite simply, without a bit of knowledge you could be caught out, and find yourself with a poor quality instrument that makes you not want to practice. While there are many merits to cheaper instruments, they can make things difficult when starting to learn since the poor build quality makes everything feels like a chore.

This blog post focuses on a few tips for beginners just getting started who are interested in the acoustic guitar, including buying your – or your child’s – first guitar, and fun ways to start learning quickly.

Read on to see some of our favourite tips for beginners on the acoustic guitar.

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