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Singing LessonsIf you’re thinking about singing lessons, sometimes the idea of standing in front of someone and singing can be daunting.  Here at Prelude we take the time to make sure you’re comfortable and don’t put any unnecessary pressure on you! The easiest thing about learning to sing is you don’t have to spend hours shopping around for a new instrument – you can simply turn up and you’re ready to go.

Of course, there’s more to it than simply opening your mouth and letting sounds come out.  Much like any other instrument, you need to be able to use your voice with ease and without discomfort.  Very often signers in the early stages of their training tend to find extremes of their ranges difficult and sometimes even painful to reach.  With the correct training and regular practise those difficulties can be quickly overcome.

Here at Prelude our teachers will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through your lessons with technical exercises and constructive criticism.  We will also give you easy ways to practise at home, meaning you can take as much as possible away from your lessons allowing you to improve at a steady rate.

Continue reading to see some basic tips for singers.


A lot of recording artists in the mainstream dance whilst singing, but they are both very experienced and have the luxury of having millions of dollars worth of audio equipment at their disposal.  More actually lip sync to make it look like they are dancing and singing perfectly at the same time.  In reality this is incredibly difficult to do live.

When learning to sing, it is best to stand still, straight and relaxed.  It gives you more ability to focus on the most important thing – your voice.


You’re probably thinking that you breathe all the time, why does it have its own special section?  Because the way you breathe on a day-to-day basis and the way you need to breathe when singing are very different from one another.  In fact your breathing on a day-to-day basis is unconscious, which means you don’t think about it at all.  When you sing, you need to think about how much breath you need to take and how long to hold it on for.  Also, your breath needs to go much deeper – into parts of your lungs that you don’t generally use.  This is really where singing lessons will come in very handy, as you will have the benefit of an experienced performer and teacher able to physically see and correct any mistakes you may be making.


Ready to go? Before you can start belting out your favourite songs, you need to warm up.  Warming up is essential for any form of exercise – and when you sing, you are using your muscles, so you’re giving your vocal chords and the muscles around them a workout.  Here at Prelude, we suggest simple scales and vowel sounds.  Occasionally, you may want to incorporate some of the more “holistic” approaches to warm ups, such as those featured here.  However, the surest way to ensure you are doing everything correctly is to find yourself a singing teacher whom you click with.

If you’re ready to start your singing journey, you can book a lesson with us here.

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