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Learning notation, sight-reading and understanding music theory can be a challenge at any level. Perhaps you don’t currently read music and want to develop further as a musician or songwriter. Our qualified, experienced teachers can help you develop your understanding of all aspects of music theory.


This image shows a very zoomed in piece of music, showing a minim, crotchet and quaver notes.

One of the reasons music theory can be a difficult subject to engage with is because it isn’t always clear how to apply your knowledge to practical songwriting, performance or composition. At Prelude School of Music we focus upon teaching with a focus on how learning different aspects of music theory can best benefit you as a learning musician. After an introductory chat with one of our music teachers, we’ll know how to best tailor our lessons for your requirements.

A modern flute resting on a music score.


Having a knowledge of how chords are constructed, along with different scales and keys, can make you a better musician in a multitude of ways. You’ll feel comfortable playing any piece of music, as well as developing the ability to improvise in different keys. For beginners and experienced musicians alike, there is always something new to learn with music theory – and our teachers can guide you towards the best resources and information to help you.

This is a picture of sheet music, showing a piece of music in a book.


Perhaps you are a musician who has been playing for a number of years, but have always wanted to develop the ability to sight read any piece of music put in front of you. This can make you an incredibly versatile musician, and more confident when playing in live settings or simply for enjoyment – having the ability to simply read music and play it straight away. Our teachers can help you develop this specific skill in a way that will benefit you for years to come.

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