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Piano lessons at Prelude School of Music can help you achieve your goals. Our tutors can help if you’ve just started learning, using our professional quality instruments in a specialised teaching space. If you’re more experienced we can help develop your technique and repertoire, making you a more confident musician.


This image shows a very zoomed in piece of music, showing a minim, crotchet and quaver notes.

Our piano teachers are classically trained, having passed advanced music exams at the highest standards. Learning the piano can be a tremendous challenge, but rest assured our tutors have the skills and experience to guide you in the best possible way. Learning to read music is an incredibly useful skill for a musician, and our music teachers will help you develop your sight-reading ability, along with your general skill and technique.

A bright wooden upright piano with wood effect


Learning to play the piano can be an excellent weekly activity for children. It teaches many skills – including the discipline to practice regularly, hand-eye co-ordination and creativity. It is incredibly rewarding to see young people develop as budding musicians, and our music teachers have experience with teaching children of all ages, from complete beginners to more experienced performers. All of our tutors are DBS checked, with certificates available for viewing by parents at any time.

This image shows a man's hand playing the piano, high notes


At Prelude School of Music, we have an extensive music collection. Our music teachers draw upon this music to develop your knowledge of different musical styles, and depending on your preferences, we can accommodate your specific musical interests. This includes whether you’re interested in learning one genre in particular – or whether you want to learn to play songs in a particular style. Get in touch today and we can structure our lessons to suit your requirements.

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