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Woodwind lessons at Prelude School of Music are taught with expertise and a focus upon your goals as a musician. Our saxophone, clarinet and flute teachers are knowledgeable and technically proficient, to make sure you always improve after every lesson you take with us.


A tenor saxophone being played at a music performance.

Invented in 1840 by the Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax, the saxophone has become one of the most loved instruments through its use in a variety of musical styles – including jazz, popular and classical pieces. With a distinctive tone and a variety of different saxophone sizes – including alto, tenor and soprano saxes – this is an instrument that can be enjoyed by anyone. At Prelude School of Music we offer expert lessons on the saxophone – get in touch to find out more.

A clarinet resting on music notation paper.


The clarinet has a distinctive tone quality, and is an excellent instrument to learn with us at Prelude School of Music. It is often used in orchestral music, with clarinets in Bb and A being the most common. It is often used as a solo instrument, with a number of famous concertos written specifically for the clarinet – including by composers such as Aaron Copland and Mozart. In modern music the clarinet is still played regularly as part of jazz ensembles.

A modern flute resting on a music score.


Unlike the saxophone or clarinet, the modern flute is reedless – and as an instrument, flutes are among the oldest musical instruments that have been discovered by historians. Playing a modern flute requires very specific control over your technique in order to produce the characteristic sounds of the instrument. Get in touch to book a lesson and we’ll be able to guide you or your child in learning the flute from your very first notes.

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